We live in a world where a ceaseless stream of diet culture messaging shames our bodies.

This culture feeds and sustains our internal critic.

It’s hard to learn how to take good care of your body when your mind is dominated by an inner critic.

You can’t hate yourself into good self-care! It's important to take time to unlearn the ways diet culture have been harmful and hijacked our love for our body and self.This e-course will help you to lean into yourself and understand the solution to the constant barrage of self-hatred is NOT another diet - it is self-compassion.Over 10 days, you will receive a daily email helping you to build up the skill of self-compassion as a way to build a sense of peace with food, exercise, and your body.**The skills you will learn in this e-course: **
-Self Kindness
-Self Acceptance
-Self Love
These are not diet tips. They are powerful weapons which will break you free from the trap of food and body obsession for good.The Befriending Your Body mini e-course is yours FREE, and you will have the material forever!